Россия, Московская область, Талдомский район, р.п. Северный, ул. Зеленая, д. 16, корп. 3
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Phone: +7 (496) 207-44-58

Commercial department (purchase of raw materials, sales of products)
extension 101
Human Resources (employment issues) extension 110
Department chief engineer extension 104
Accounting extension 107






SKYPE: talcotaldom

EMAIL: talco-export@talco.su




Departure from Moscow to Dmitrov highway. Follow the Dmitrov highway to the "Dubna" index of about 45 km. On the index, turn right. Follow up to the circular movement of about 7 km. On the right side as a guide - Stella Dmitrov. At the roundabout turn left. After 500 meters take a right and follow about 30 km further. And on the highway 104 "Dubna" through "Taldom" pointer. On the index, turn right. After entering Taldom (about 15 km.), Turn right after the railway crossing and follow the traffic lights. After 100 meters after the traffic light, turn right onto Highway Yurkinskoe on the "Severny" and follow approximately 5 km to the north of the village. After 500 meters after entering the village, turn right onto Zelenaya. As a guide - the index «PromSviaz». After turning after about 500 meters on the right to enter the territory of the plant - Str. Zelenaya, d. 16.


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